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  • Roberto Musanti, born in Cagliari (Italy) in 1964, teacher of IT, electronic, computer music and multimedia; Electronic musician and media artist, graduated in Electronic music but mainly self taught, it is taken care of computer music and media art from the first eighties, currently teaches multimedia programming at the school of music of Sassari. He has made concerts, performances and installations in Alghero (Italian Chapter of ACM SIGCHI), Amsterdam (Galleria “Opera Nuda”), Barcelona (Festival “Zeppelin” – CCCB), Brasilia (“UVM Symposium”), Cagliari (Festivals “Kontakte”, “Music in touch”, “Polartist”), Lisbon (Festival “Musica Viva”), Marseilles (Festival “Electronicittà”), Naples (Festival “Evenienze – Konsequenz”), Rome (“Decennale CEMAT”, Festival “Saturazioni”, “EMUFest” 2010 2012 2013), Sau Paolo (“Hypersonica” 2012, “File” Festival” 2013, “File Festival 2015”), Timisoara (Festival “Simultan” #6 #7 #8 2013), Ljubljana (“Video Evening #4″ – Photon Gallery), Lviv (” MediaDepo”).


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