Rotational Chaos

  • Author

    Roberto Musanti

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  • Type

    motion graphics / experimental animation

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    video art, digital art, visual music, electronic music

It is an audiovisual work that explores the relationship between images and sounds, in particular through the relationship of the forms of solids of revolution and the sounds of chaotic generators. In the foreground, the solids of revolution, whose profile is partially determined by the harmonic components of some sounds produced by chaotic generators, highlight the contrast between the symmetries of their forms and the timbre of the sounds. In the background, a particle system evolves through the interaction of forces of attraction / repulsion, acting as a "backdrop" of the composition. Although the composition is abstract, because it is based mainly on the relationship between forms, and between them and the sounds, the graphic materials chosen and their assembly even with the sounds, lead us to a narrative interpretation of the work, constituting a sort of geo/math-fiction.

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