Music for Animals Part XV: Wildcats

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    Marek Brandt

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    video / experimental video

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Music composition for wildcats near the west German town of Saarbruecken played in a region where the most of the wild population of wildcats are still living. (with scientific backup). The music was composed by Marek Brandt, electronics, sounds, Fieldrecording (on site) and Fabian Niermann who is a known Saxophon Player deep in the roots of improvisational music. The composition was made as a fictional day of the Wildcats, including samples from bushes and trees, grass and leaves, hiding, hunting, resulting in an abstract sound composition of the 2 Musicans / Performers. This performance was created in a time frame of over 2 months, including a research, peparation and performing day. This is part 15 of the Music for animals Series by Marek Brandt.

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