The God of Sakarias

  • Author

    Carolina Hindsjö

  • Country


  • Production year


  • Type

    video / experimental video

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  • Original title

    Sakarias Gud

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  • Tags

    love, woman, God, drama, animation

The God of Sakarias is a three screen film. There are three point of views in one film. The main story is in the middle and then to compliment the story there is one screen on each side. On the sides there is abstract forms which are existential views on life and there is also the man's experiences on the storyline. The story is about loving. As a human being you can only love in a certain way and you put that feeling on everything. You even put that love on God. The humankind is simple. If you are a believer or not you are transferring your thoughts, behavior, upbringing etc., on everything and everyone. Therefore God is almost like a human being. Even if you think that you will never understand God, that thought is still a projection from your inside. You can see that our whole society was built from how the humans react to situations. As a feminist that I am I wanted to make God as a woman. I wanted to make the man weak, as he wasn't in control. Women very often get that trait of character.

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