Untitled (Saarbrücken)

  • Author

    Marek Brandt

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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The Video titled "Untitled (Saarbrücken) - dedicated to "Lost Spaces" - shoot in an abandoned office building. Even more than in the thematically related video "Untitled (Uni Leipzig)" (2009), he loads the empty interiors i.e. windows, curtains and signs of the people who formerly worked in that building. He creates with sound and pictures a spooky atmosphere, almost as a living spirit was in them. Marek worked for the first time with text and barely audible words to express the bondage to the site ("I have to stay here!"). On the one hand a quite autobiographical work, on the other hand a symbolistic view over the time passed by, and the question of work and change in nowadays societys.

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