6 silences in 7

  • Author

    Cristiana Felgueiras

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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  • Original title

    6 silêncios em 7

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  • Tags

    experimental, silence, time, progression, cycle

6 silêncios em 7 (6 silences in 7) introduces a cycle that exposes emotions, fragility and strength of human being. There are seven moments creating this endless progression between Before and After that is repeated all over life events and experiences. This way of presenting human nature and character takes us into an ontological journey and self-awareness, where the universality becomes the particular as this particularity becomes universal. The first and seventh moments contain the two sides of a coin: they can be merged and yet they are dissociated. As the subject begins and ends up in the same position it is given a sense of unity and looping, although there are traces left from a certain event that cannot be erased. In 6 silêncios em 7 we speak the unspeakable and silence is crucial to allow us all to hear the inner sound of humanity.

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