Do Americans Dream of Being Electric Sheep?

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    Gabin Cortez Chance

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    video / experimental video

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    freedom, experimental, art, Snowden, Internet

A multi layered, and distorted video dissecting and critiquing the United States NSA spying programs. Using an overload of visual information similar to the NSA meta data collection practices to tell an abstract narrative of Orwellian magnitude. With the idea that some Science Fiction writers (Phillip K. Dick...etc) might have not been so far off in their predictions of the future. And how in a digital world, everything (including nature) is now mediated to us, and is vulnerable to digital distortion, and corrupted files. And that maybe these distorted, and damaged images can have a new life in a different context. And under a different light they can enter the world of the Hyper-real. A world of Simulacrum.

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