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    Watanabe Chiaki

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    video / experimental video

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r.g.b. is a series of visual music that explores 3 primary colors from video signals; red, green, blue as representation of sound from electronic music with simple geometric shapes and patterns. With sound triggered moving images, r.g.b. explores “color as sound, sound as color” in minimalist style. r.g.b. was premiered in Kunsthall Bergen, Norway and at Mapping audio visual festival in Switzerland. Presented by Stuttgart film and media festival, Microcinema International. Directed by Chiaki Watanabe. Visuals by Chiaki Watanabe. Sound by aonami(JP), nes(no) and DJs from Mapping festival in Geneva. Medium: Live visual. Length: 7 min 30 sec. Year: 2006. Places of production: US, Norway, Switzerland

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