The Machine Of Memory

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    Marko Batista

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    video / experimental video

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Idea & video image: Marko Batista. Sound image: Natasa Musevic. “Current studies in neuroscience strongly support the notion that a memory is a set of encoded neural connections. Encoding can take place in several parts of the brain. Thus, neural connections are likely to go across various parts of the brain. The stronger the connections, the stronger the memory. Recollection of an event can occur by a stimulus to any of the parts of the brain where a neural connection for the memory occurs. If part of the brain is damaged, access to any neural data that was there is lost.” Robert Todd Carrol. Soon after I established the Video Cuts platform in London, I started to work on a three-part project related to the nature of memory in contemporary networked society. Human storage is entirely reconstructed by machines of memory. Mobil phone, display orientated, computer based and LCD projected data storage became an extension of human memory. Travelling between presence and absence. Future and the past. Presented video is the first off three-part project inspired by ideas about human memory surrounded by machines for re/storing data. The poetics of the video makes you think of how the technology is linked to human storage of the past. Past, that can be easily reconstructed by machines of memory.

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