1/3(one over three)

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    Watanabe Chiaki

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    video / experimental video

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1/3 is an audiovisual ensemble with lo-fi and minimalist aesthetics. The ensemble experiments with “one-bit” as an art expression based on one-bit technology. The emphasis is on using a single bit of information such as one-bit color, one-bit code and a one-bit note. In the title, “1” stands for one bit, “3” stands for the number of audio and visual inputs (one video from a laptop and two sound sources from custom-made electronics and electronic violin effects). The work takes live audiovisual media to new limits of depth, dimensions and scale with “one-bit” expression. 1/3 explores the essence of simplicity within the complexity with electro-psycho -physical perspectives. 1/3 was premiered in NY June 2006 with support from Experimental TV Center Presentation Fund, the New York State Council on the Arts and media The Foundation. Presented by Visual Music Marathon as part of Boston Cyberarts Festival, US. Directed by Chiaki Watanabe. Visuals by Chiaki Watanabe. Sound by Tristan Perich & Sylvia Mincewicz. Medium: Live visual. Year: 2006. Places of production: US

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