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    Marko Batista

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    video / experimental video

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Idea & video image: Marko Batista. Sound image: Natasa Musevic “Digital communication systems, particularly for military use, need to perform accurately and reliably in the presence of noise and interference. Among many possible ways to achieve this goal, forward error-correction coding is the most effective and economical. Forward error-correction coding (also called channel coding) is a type of digital signal processing that improves data reliability by introducing a known structure into a data sequence prior to transmission or storage.” Charles Wang, Dean Sklar, and Diana Johnson. The video entitled ERROR 404 is dealing with the issues of real-time transmissions of audio-visual data in contemporary mass-used digital communication systems. Broadcasted signals are traveling through number of the connectors and wireless transmission networks to reach the final destination. Encoded signal packages, distorted by noisy channels, are disturbing televised viewer’s perception. Science has developed several applications for reconstruction of missing or damaged data to decrease the possibilities of transmission errors. Instead of avoiding received failures, video generates data error as an artistic tool and creates an audio-visual poetics related to the field of transmission, failure, correction, storage and more universal questions about technology and communications in contemporary society. Telerecorded nature of errors. Between science and everyday life.

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