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  • ADRIAN GANEA is drawn to the unreal, intrigued by the magic of the intangible and the ethereal, he seeks the sorcery that incarnates the virtual into solid matter. He is fascinated by the ways the bodiless nonmaterial subject can materialise and transpire into the real world. In his work, he aims to enact the production of fiction, often reflecting on its increasing automation. His practice ranges from designing scenography to programming CG simulations and composing videos. He graduated at UDK Berlin, receiving a masters degree in Set Design in the class of Hartmut Meyer with his project “Cyborgia” based on Paul B. Preciado’s essay: “How Pompeii invented Pornography, The “Gabinetto Segreto” and the Sexopolitical Foundations of the Modern European Metropolis”. He briefly studied architecture, and is a member of the artists group virtuellestheater. CHLORYS is a musical & visual entity, part of Queer Night family, Shape Platform artist in 2017, and since 2016 until present, a founding member of Corp. platform, with a main focus on representing and promoting queer identities (trans, nonbinary etc.). She has been a Noods Radio resident for two years, hosting Alien Flora, a show inspired by the traveling of seeds or spores making their way through space, with the final purpose of laying on the fertile and inconspicuous soil of Terra. As a direct quote from the sci-fi horror movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers, she tries to evoke an esoteric atmosphere, incarnated in vocal musical works that blend with ambient, 1990s aesthetics and beyond.


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