My Bacterial Self Helps Me Sleep

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    Adrian Ganea (Author)
    Chlorys (Co-Author)

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    digital / generative

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    16 : 9

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With a particular interest in the ecology of the nonhuman, we propose a work that explores and studies shapeless masses, slippery sludges and slime structures. As these are often associated with decomposition, mere traces of residues, trails of verminous lifeforms, they actually provided the template for all organic beings and all eventual thought on the Planet Earth. Serving as a name for a life-generative formless substance in the physical sense, slime structures are greatly removed from the human sphere of thought and existence. However, these networks of slime are an important physical and metaphysical organism necessary for producing a realist bio-philosophy void of human exceptionalism/ anthropocentrism. Part post-apocalyptic sci-fi essay, part queer onthological stream of thought that is taking cues from intersectional science-fiction writer Octavia Butler’s body of work and Paul B. Preciado’s juxtaposition with bacteria, this video tries to posit notions about nonhierarchical social formations and anti-capitalist thinking. Voices: Cosima Opârtan, Patrick Brăila Voice processing help: Dan Anghelache Commissioned in the frame of Quote—Unquote: Video Station

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