• Authors

    Mattia Parisse (Author)
    Constantin Jopeck (Co-Author)

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  • Type

    experimental film / video

  • Video format

    16 : 9

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video filmed in fablab (macroscopic views on digital milling machine, and photogrammetries) - alternative photogrammetry montages, virtual place of Constantin research, guest texts (Pierre Notte, Ursula Le Guin, Louise Michel), digital milling machine chalk sculptures, printed flags, digital embroidery. Archeology of a virtual place, place at different time, on a chalk ground, traces of time still visible, place-board, writing ground, the chalk heart = stick to write. Photogrammetry will allow to establish perimeters - space, order, mix - to bring back to our view the immeasurable dimensions of a porous horizon at the same time unknown and familiar. The sound emerges from the rest revealing the material component of images, alternating with digital sound. Digital textile machine, digital time machine.. all landscapes (past, future, real, fiction) are linked together.

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