What if...

  • Author

    Martina Riescher

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  • Type

    experimental film / video

  • Video format

    16 : 9

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The short film "What if ..." deals with the connections between politics, economy and society in our consumption-driven world. In the scenes, real meets surreal, idyll meets catastrophe. The focus seems to be on events that are part of our life. But again and again things creep into the picture that normally only take place on the edge of our field of vision ... The protagonists are a bunch of friends, a lonely man, a lonely woman, a table, a boat and an off-screen voice. The friends are sitting in high spirits at a festive table. A large selection of beautifully prepared dishes can be seen on colourful plates in front of them. The glasses are full. People drink, eat and laugh, food is devoured. New dishes keep appearing on the table. Plates, glasses and table rubbish pile up. The feeding orgy never ends... The lonely man crouches on the ground in a visibly uncomfortable position. All around him there is darkness and deathly silence. He's pulled his head between his shoulders and won't budge. Suddenly something falls right in front of his feet... In a light-flooded forest, a lonely woman is looking for a place to stay ... A wonderful sight: an idyllic lake in the middle of a romantic park. But then a refugee boat in distress appears... ...while in a slam poetry words become images...

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