Visible Light

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    A. P. Vague

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    digital / generative

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    decay, space, generative, light, digital art, time

I was very excited to read of this year’s theme at Simultan. Space exploration, astronomy, and SETI have always been great inspirations to me as an artist, and considering this prompt will continue to be stimulating for me long into the future. This piece begins with a demonstration of every visible color in the light spectrum, along with every audible frequency in the sound spectrum. As extraterrestrial life forms would likely observe light and sound in very different ways than we do, this serves as a type of road map of human perception; what appears as noise establishes the parameters of what we are capable of seeing and hearing. The video also features raw data gathered from the ATA radio telescopes used in astronomical science, and ends with a video taken from my bedroom window as the audio transitions into a selection of traditional stringed instruments.

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