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  • The work of visual artist Ivar Veermäe (born 1982 in Talinn, Estonia; lives in Berlin) circles around questions of public space, networks and new technologies. As a result of long-term artistic research by means of photography, film and sound, his works are presented in versatile ways (such as video, on-site installations, interactive works and performances, also in public space). Ivar Veermäe aims to document and analyse the infrastructure underlying our contemporary culture of data and information. His projects show a processual, still evolving and therefore non-finite character that enables further discussions. He has had solo exhibitions in Freies Museum Berlin, Edith-Russ-Haus, Oldenburg, City Gallery of Tallinn and Hobusepea Gallery in Estonia. His work has been exhibited in group exhibitions at transmediale Festival in HKW, Athens Digital Arts Festival, the Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistic, Forum Factory and Kleine Humboldt Gallery in Berlin, the Art Museum of Estonia, Art Hall of Tallinn, the Estonian Contemporary Art Museum, the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, the Kulturhuset Bronden in Denmark, the Pinnacles Gallery in Australia.


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