You are the Future

  • Author

    Mariah Blue

  • Country

    USA, Netherlands

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

  • Video format


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  • Tags

    social media, video art, performance, psychic, technology, future, digital art

"The 'people of the future' that she welcomes are we, the audience she speaks live from behind her computer, but knowing that we will only see that recording later. It is the start of a loose, sometimes critical, sometimes philosophical treatise on the future, its own obsession with it, and that of others(...).The work sharply shows the tragic solipsism of screen life, the postponed dialogues that are part of it as everyone experiences day after day behind their own screen. People increasingly communicate with all possible levels of delay, time ahead, half talking to themselves. "---Domeniek Ruyters, MetropolisM

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