The Same Old Story

  • Author

    Michael Heindl

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  • Type

    documentary / experimental documentary

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    experimental, documentary, drive, cars

This work is based on an experience I once had on a car trip. It happened on a journey through Hungary, that I parked my vehicle in a small town for having lunch. When I returned I noticed, that the car was unlocked and that the car radio was on at full volume. Although nothing had been stolen, I had the strange feeling that someone was in the car during my absence. I felt quite uncomfortable and unsure how to react on this. Inspired by this incident, I made the project „the same old story“. Therefore I first went back to Hungary to record an emergency call with the police. I told them the story that had happened to me some years before in a way as if it had just happened. Then I burned this phone call on several CD´s. Afterwards I went to Graz, to look for unlocked and parked cars in the city center. Every time I found one, I entered the vehicle and inserted one of my CD´s with the emergency call on it into the car´s stereo. Then I turned it on as loud as possible and left the scenery. The sound was running inside the cars as a loop. That way I created strange sound installations in different parts of the town.

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