Minimal Effort enhancement / The Lazeadaisical product

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    Ioana Vreme Moser

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    video / experimental video

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Procrastination, as you know, is an art. It takes practice to savor life’s pleasures. How much kinder and gentler our world would be if more people would simply not do so much. History would have been so different if Genghis Khan, Stalin, and Napoleon had just not bothered to get so much done. World domination (we hear) is tiring. Infectious multitasking is on the increase, the faster the better... In any other words it seams that we are dealing with a mentality that comes from the 20th century, that promotes speed as the essential tool for efficiency. Fortunately there are always solutions... The Lazeadaisical is designed as a product that shall maintain the proper speed in your actions with minimal effort. With 366 tips to help you with your operating overflow, you can finally enjoy procrastination and small pleasures with an epicurean mindset as never before.

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