• Author

    Darren Kirwan

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    video / experimental video

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    visual effects, audio visual, speech

in.stance is an exploration of the self, the mind and the body that portrays itself in the virtual realm. The aim of this piece is to expose the psychological affects of the virtual society that most of us inhabit on the internet. As the media for communicating with our fellow species widens vastly so too do social conditions, social behaviours and expectations from each other. How are we affected by spending more time instant messaging someone than speaking face to face with them? How are we affected by communicating with many online before turning around to realise that there is nobody else in the room? How are we affected by being constantly tapped into the buzzing communication of the internet and having no defined boundary between socialising and solitude? in.stance is an audio visual representation of these questions using real time audio and video processing and can take the form of both performance and installation.

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