• Author

    Yiannis Kranidiotis

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    video / experimental video

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    sound art, experimental, color, oscillator, data

Ichographs: Emerging soundscapes from visual forms. “Ichographs” is an audio and video artwork that explores the relationship between visual forms and audio by transforming colors into frequencies. The image is decomposed in the basic colors that have created it. Every color is a sonic frequency. A total 600 sine wave sound generators are recreating the image in the audio domain while we watch the color tessera come off the image and fly into space. By translating the color data into audible sound we are using famous paintings to create new sonic environments. Taking as a starting point 9 famous paintings (and one imitation) we are experiencing unique sound colors and textures coming out of each one. Caravaggio’s dramatic use of light is transformed into a passage from single tone into frequency intensity. The sound is following the complexity of colors and patterns of Pollock’s drip technique and the reflections of light on the surface of Monet’s water lily pool are producing a multicolor drone.

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