Bruce loves Michelle, 2014, Paris

BRUCE LOVES MICHELLE, PARIS, 2014 °°°°°°° On 08.06.2014, on the parisian bridge Pont des Arts, one part of the overloaded parapet collapsed. Around two and a half meters caved in under the burden of metal locks. According to the police report, the famous bridge, which connects the Louvre museum and the left Seine shore, was evacuated and closed for reparations. A square meter locks weighs more than 300 kilos, Pont des Arts is supposed to take the weight of 93 tons. With the help of a DO IT YOURSELF internet tutorial I learned how to crack a lock. This demanded a lot of time, exercise, skill and sensitivity. I cracked and took with me as much love locks as I could and made a necklace out of them in order to wear it myself. °E-Love Locks – the virtual padlock° I invite you to virtually lock your affection. Don't kill the bridges with your love. Lock it here, please:

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