black hole

  • Author

    Vanessa Gageos

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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    dystopia, destruction, nature, politics, poetic, chaos

- black hole - a self-performed installation currently in the form of a 2 min 14 sec video. “black hole” is combining different objects together through analogy. The objects are expressing philosophical concepts dealing with society, nature and technology. The concepts are changing perspective and understanding with each camera zoom-out. Each zoom-out represents a different physical layer of the installation. Through the juxtaposition of those different layers of abstraction, “black hole” creates new perceptions through intuition. Observing how every viewer forms a personal image and interpretation of the work that for me expresses a combination of different clear ideas, I have decided to have the text space open. While giving the viewer the possibility and freedom of forming his own experience and understanding of the work and asking for a written expression of that, the installation expands to another viewer-artist communication form.

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