Arbitrary, self-conscious.

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    Magdalena Typiak

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    video / experimental video

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    experimental, self portrait, woman, video art

Arbitrary, self-conscious. It's about moving in the opposite direction. Can be confusing at first and bring to an ordinary, basic daily activity but surprises hidden meaning and “selfless” motivations. I put my body in everyday situations, on the beaten paths of my neighborhood (gdańsk downtown) but in a completely different way. I made this video by myself (setting the tripod, camera operations) so I had to trust my surroundings and trust myself while walking backwards. It was some kind of meditation, space-wandering performance. For me it's a unique experience to make the change in the sense of the present. By finding myself in places again - in an alternative way and also showing my living metaphor, by the way. In this material I am a stranger in my environment. I am a human being who (with his own proper consciousness) is invariably alone.

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