Apollo Poetics

  • Author

    Bill Psarras

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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    space, experimental, earth, poem, digital art

‘Apollo Poetics: Collecting Words from Outer Space’ constitutes an experimental digital work, which focuses on the poetics, the liminality and inbetweenness of historical moments through space-transmitted dialogues between Earth and space terminals. The artist elaborates on transmitted words and sounds, which form a “melancholic data” coming from the past with a poetic potential. Moments of silence and humming noise, technical details and feelings – all in a kind of recorded data which was produced between two liminal spaces; on Earth and Apollo. Such historical data is pertained by a vague romanticism and it begin to take shape by soaring within the empty space and thus becoming a human text matter derived from the past but looking towards the future.

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