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  • Marina Paladi graduated from the Faculty of Letters, specializing in Modern and Applied Languages ​​at the Transilvania University of Brașov in 2020. She is currently completing her master's degree in Heritage, Restoration and Curating in Visual Arts at the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timisoara with a thesis on visual variations of the text in contemporary art in Romania and the Republic of Moldova after 1990.

    For her professional training in the field of art criticism and cultural mediation she has participated in various courses and workshops and collaborated with foundations and associations in the field of visual arts. In September 2019 he attended the courses of the School of Cultural Criticism and Journalism, TmCult, Asociatia Contrasens, in September 2020 she was custodian at the Simultan Festival, 15th edition, in October-November 2020 she was cultural mediator at the exhibitions Europa Wonderland and Body Space: Citizenship and Territories organized by the Contrasens Association, and in 2021 she was the cultural mediator for the Seasons End exhibition at the Art Encounters Biennial, “Our Other Us”, 4th edition.

    She is currently a contributor to Arta and Scena 9 magazines, where she publishes exhibition chronicles and critical texts.

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    only what I see without looking in the mirror is me

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