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  • Born in 1983, Tunisian visual artist Haythem Zakaria currently lives and works in France. His plastic creations largely impregnated with Sufi spirituality, put to use unconventional visual techniques (Glitch, meta-image, cine-process) which orient him and involves him into experimenting real time generative systems. Thus, he is brought to explore process aiming “to over-direct” the image by way of integration, implantation, and superposition of formal visual or sound informations. These creations are the result of introspection towards the image, by the image and within the image. They reveal multiple and unsuspected universes producing some sort of visual scores which should be read or deciphered using immediate sensation and reflection. Unrolling this fragile thread which goes from the interiority towards the exteriority of the being, Haythem Zakaria operates a movement which aim is to nourish and concretize for our senses, a perception that incite a prolific perplexity. Simple in their form, these works conceals significations that only unveil to those who, patiently, take the time to choose proper paths leading to them.


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