Interstices / Opus II

  • Author

    Zakaria Haythem

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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Interstices is a hybrid video and photo project. Hybrid to the extent that it confronts a “cinematographic” image with an entire digital process aiming to complete, thus to enhance and to go beyond the whole in a sort of “Meta-landscape”. Besides the esthetic of the two Opus, a deep envy of opening-up our horizontal perception towards a possibility of a living, thus a completion in the verticality of the Land/landscape. The landscape is holistically questioned throughout the prism of the audio-visual apparatus in order to unveil a hidden and metric order, subjacent geometries unveils periodically. As for the plan, it is in a perpetual renewal. A fragile game oscillating between the rhythmic of the void and the full. It questions not the notion of what lies out of the frame but the notion of “Beyond”. The Interstices project is an attempt to re-enchanting the land/landscape and positions itself in the margin of actual political and international issues. Opus I and II questions the very essence of these territories while trying to transcend their apparent banalities. The “Full” ex nihilo of the landscape is at the heart of this very poetical-visual odyssey. The desert and the sea are places of “non-being, places without referent.

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