Vlad Gheorghe Cadar

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  • There was a new hypnotist in town during the turbo-capitalist travelling circus. He was a familiar figure, he was the door-to-door, direct sales, apparently telepathic salesman. He would appear just like magic on late-night teleshopping hours, multi-level-marketing gatherings and in front of your door asking you to contribute to your own entry into the next big Encyclopaedia. Anyway In retrospect, the wonder of our times - the Internet may seem nothing more than an extended mail- order catalogue (David Graeber). TOATE.ORG, Z47H, Tamtam, O.Z.I. obiectzburatoridentificat, Arp148, Alexandra Georgescu, the projects that I work on/in recognise a growing market of de-programming, of breaking the consumerist spells, of correcting cognitive fallacies and biases. The ideaobjects juggled by TOATE.ORG, Z47H are reaching for that myth-busting singularity where there is no easy way back to naïve trust and commodity fetishism. The travelling sales- magician is not providing products or even ideas but wondrous experiences – as part of the new sparkling experience economy.


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