Spot Kagule

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    Vlad Gheorghe Cadar

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    commercial, economy, installation, narrative

Spot Kagule shows a possible scenario of the multiple situations in which the kagule is used. Everybody wants to be special and unique. But this type of individualism lens us from the values that established us as a Christian nation centred on family. Of course you cannot be the opponent of progress TODAY or be the advocate of a nostalgic return to a golden age. But you and your family can be fashionable while still paying tribute to the Christian establishment and the medieval knights. How? By wearing the KAGULA ski masks with Orthodox embroideries for the entire family. Because family and religion are fundamental values! +COMFY: The ski mask is equipped with soft fur on the inside, when wearing it, you are immersed into a warm, cosy place. Tech specs: Variable sizes from XXXS to XXXL (newborn to adult sizes) Colours: red, blue Materials: Black cotton, pink porno eco-leather Freedom of choice for different range of colour/material in case o special order for individuals Freedom of choice for different range of colour/material in case of special order for large families What’s in the box: 1. Packaging the shape of holy book, dust proof; 2. Ski mask

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