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  • I live and work between Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the internet. I graduated from the University of Art and Design in the same city and studied for a semester in the New Media department at the Academy of Art in Szczecin, Poland. A recurring subject throughout my practice has been the construction of online identities, artificial alter-egos, internet-specific behaviors and how people relate and interact with them. I'm neither specifically interested in the past nor the future but in the way they affect our contemporary culture and how they come together to create a narrative in the present. Recently I've been researching the role of magic and the intricacies between science and pseudoscience in our contemporary, technologized present. Currently, astronomy and astrology spark my interest. Although my work is digital based, it's usually meant to live offline, taking the form of installations, prints or screens. Since 2016 i've been a member of Aici Acolo - an artist run project focused on promoting young and emerging artists by organizing contemporary art exhibitions in unused or abandoned spaces in Cluj-Napoca.


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