I heart irl

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    Thea Lazăr

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    digital / generative

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    social media, heart, gesture, second nature

As the technology progresses we develop new skills and train new gestures and behaviors which easily became second nature. Touching, swiping, taping are at out fingertips. As we definitely spend more time with our phones in our hands rather then a book, our brain rewires itself. Scrolling down while reading comes more naturally than turning a page. Browsing Instagram is one of my daily activities and amongst others, is the place where I see a lot of art. I see more art and more often on Instagram than in art albums. As double tapping to like/heart a picture is an Instagram specific gesture, it's one of the gestures I use a lot. In the video "I heart irl*" I'm transferring this technology specific gesture into real life, making browsing an art book more intelligible for the rewired brain. *in real life

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