Silviu Visan

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  • Silviu Visan is involved in various projects from video mapping to interactive design. He developed the a:rpia:r's collective’s video side in the last couple of years, with some special appearances in Fabric, Trouw or Nordstern. He is also touring extensively with the more experimental music project Rochițe, or alongside the Aparatus 22 collective. Late 2013 he created at Victoria & Albert Museum a spectacular projection mapping on the cast of Trajan’s Column, combining motion graphics and 3D animation that playfully highlights, deconstructs, augments and manipulates the Column's geometry and reliefs. His project The Shuffle (with Sillyconductor) - an algorithm of infinite probabilities of overlapping one million images of 1kb with one million sounds with a duration of 1 second each, was shown at the Bucharest Young Artists Biennale.


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