My iPhone is Everything

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    Liat Berdugo

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    video / experimental video

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    iPhone, app, magic, smartphone, technology

In this body of sixteen videos, developed through the generous support of The Vermont Studio Center, iPhones and iPads are re-cast as objects that they could never truly be. As these devices increasingly become our do-anything Swiss army knives in an increasingly digitized world, My iPhone is Everything asks, what are the "terms and conditions" of these devices? What would a world look like in which we push these limits to their absolute extremes? What is it that we are ultimately willing to believe technology can do? This video shows episodes 2, 3, 7, 9, 11, and 14 of the series. These videos go well together, but if you would like to include a shorter video in your festival, I could make you a video with a subset of the ones shown here. The complete body of videos may be viewed at

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