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  • Sarah Buckius (b. 1979 in Urbana, IL) is an artist and educator who lives in Southern California. Her creative work incorporates digital video, photography, and performance and has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She was an Assistant Professor of Photography at Michigan State University from 2010-2011 and has worked as an adjunct instructor of digital art, photography, time-based media, and art appreciation at Augusta State University (2012), the University of Michigan (2007-2010), and Eastern Michigan University (2009-2010). Notable video screenings include The State of The Art: Accademia di Romania in Roma (Rome, Italy), InsideOut Step2: White Box Museum of Art (Beijing, China), SIMULTAN #6: Past Continuous, Future Perfect | (Timisoara, Romania), Visions in the Nunnery: Nunnery Gallery (London, UK), EXiS 2010 International Film & Video Festival (Seoul, Korea), Images Contre Nature 2011: P'Silo International Experimental Video Festival (Marseille, France), and AC Institute Rotating Video Project (New York, NY).


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