Biking: Reenactment+Enactment of Layers of Female Labor

I am interested in historical scenarios in which women (and sometimes girls) engaged in collective labor, usually simultaneous unpaid (often "invisible") and paid labor, at the times when advancement in technology provided opportunities for women* outside domestic space. These historical moments symbolize the simultaneous culturally gender-based constraints and advancement in women’s freedoms* (mostly white middle and upper class). Through reenactment of their layers of labor enmeshed with my own enactment of my labor, I hope to illuminate this tension between restriction and expansion while paying tribute to women’s work* of the past and present, both visible and invisible. In doing so, I perform many of the types of labor historically associated with women* described below, including Domestic Labor, Caretaking Labor, Aesthetic Labor, Adornment Labor, Presentation Labor, Gender Role-Based Media Viewing Labor, Physical Labor, and Collective Labor.

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