Joaquín Baus Auil

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  • Filmmaker graduated from Duoc UC, Santiago, Chile. He made his first shortfilm on 2012, called “Fake”. This shortfilm has been in the official competition in MECAL 2013 and FICVIÑA 2013, both of them international film festivals in Chile. Also, “Fake” participated in FECICAL 2013. Later, in 2013, Joaquín made “Ruskin’s Eyes”, a shortfilm about abandoned architecture, wich won on the ARQFILM FESTIVAL 2013, the best national experimental shortfilm category. In 2014, his shortfilm “Fake” was selected in the official competition in BioBio Cine 2014, and also in FIC Colchagua 2014. Later, “Ruskin’s eyes” has his international premiere in SIL 2014 in Colombia, and later was selected in Watch Out Film Festival 2014, Macedonia.


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