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  • My name is Ileana Gherghina. I trained as a theatre actor and director (in Romania and the UK) but have drifted towards performance art and live art in the past seven years. I have founded a company that produces theatrical work with a strong performance art, video and visual art influence (Nu Nu Theatre). I am also part of LAPER (Live Art and Performance Group) Oxford. I also work with photography, collage, poetry, video and dramatic texts. I have presented my pieces in the UK (where I live and work) and across Europe (Helsinki, Gothenburg, Yerevan). Some of my most recent commissions are for University of Bristol (the video project Bread of Bristol), video/performance work for the International Multimedial Art Festival - IMAF 2020 (Serbia), Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival (Japan) and Performance Køkkenet (Norway).


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