I found the Perfect Pink

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    Ileana Gherghina

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    video / experimental video

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    pink, garden, nature, traces, plant, grandmother

My grandmother left unseen traces in my life and in everything I do. In this work – titled ‘I found the perfect pink’ - I try to follow some of those traces. I reenact my grandmother’s pitta making, trying to reconstruct smells, textures, shapes, images, feelings that I had when I was a child, and which now lie unseen somewhere within me. I reference my grandmother’s garden, which I evoke through an array of pots, in which I grow apple trees. The garden of my childhood lives unseen both inside me and in the small pots in which I grow mini apple trees. Finally, there is a special nuance of the colour pink, which I have been looking for ever since and which I was only able to find by dyeing a textile with plants. That pink is what is unseen in me and my life. I suggest that in complicated times, it is good to visit the unseen people that still live inside you.

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