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  • Francesca Fini is an interdisciplinary artist working with experimental cinema, digital animation, new media, installation and performance art. Her many and varied projects, often addressing issues related to femininity, the distortions in the perception of beauty, the influences of society on gender and women's issues, are a mix of traditional and digital media, lo-fi technology, 3D animation, homemade interaction design devices, live audio and video. Her work has been presented in many important international festivals and venues, among them the 2011 WRO Biennale in Poland, NordArt International Art Exhibition in Germany, at FILE Electronic Language International Festival in Brasil, at CYBERFEST in Russia, at Instants Video numériques et poétiques in Marseille, at BORDERCROSSING collateral event @ MANIFESTA12 in Palermo, at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao for MEM Festival, at MANA Contemporary for BODY + CAMERA FESTIVAL, at MACRO and MAXXI Museum in Rome, at SomoS Art House in Berlin, at the Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo and the Margaret Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, organized by the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.


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