il monolite 1928-2012

  • Author

    M. Grazia Cantoni

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  • Type

    video / experimental video

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    experimental, ecology, nature, ruin, materiality

Sound: Grazia Cantoni – Francesco Ferri. The work Il monolite 1928-2012 is not merely the representation of the author’s procession from a religious space - the quarry - to the social space - the city; the metaphor of the quarry is the ideal, oniric process of the self from one dimension to another. It’s a sort of dream-like experience where her ballerina with no role given, nor name or identity creates, quarries and moves a gauze monolith form a quarry along the road through a tunnel and it never ends, it loops and starts again. It is searching for another dimension, an unique form of the self, her true identity.

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