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  • In Félix Fernández's artistic practice, research on content is always a priority, to which the form adapts by reinforcing the message, in constant communication and empathy with the viewer, in a quest to be a mirror where the public feels reflected. His way of approaching art is through a deep analysis and questioning of our society, focusing on how we can be affected by socio-political, technological, environmental or mass-media issues when they go beyond the public sphere, filtering into the most intimate and existential aspects of our lives. He is especially interested in the possibility of social transformation that art has and that is why narrative elements underlie all his work that help him to convey the message in a non-elitist and inclusive way. Both the self-portrait and the self-fiction are communicative forms that have been used on numerous occasions by putting the body and the autobiography at the service of essays in which to reflect on more generic aspects of the contemporary being. Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Vigo, Pontevedra. He is trained in contemporary dance and performance with Marina Abramóvic, Johannes Deimling, Elena Córdoba and Esther Ferrer, among others.


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