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  • Deborah Kelly is a Sydney-based artist whose works have been shown around Australia and elsewhere. For a decade she has been working with strangers in cities around the world to make collaborations emphasising process, community and aesthetic intensity. Deborah Kelly’s projects often start outside art institutions, and some of them stay there. Among her works are posters for activist movements, printable window signs of dissent, a billboard that ended up in the Sydney LGBT Mardi Gras parade, and projections onto clouds over Sydney Harbour. She's made collaborative collage projects with communities in Nowra, NSW and Bandung, Indonesia that manifested in town and village streets, and in 2009 a choreographed dance as a momentary monument to the Tiananmen Square protests, disseminated on YouTube and performed in urban centres across the globe. For the foreseeable future she is working to instigate a queer insurrectionary science fiction climate change religion.


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