Barbara Friedman

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  • As visual artists working with performance, video, sound and photography, Gilivanka KEDZIOR and Barbara FRIEDMAN analyze the confrontation to otherness and its inter-thematic with subjects such as: social yokes; dominant/dominated relationships; codes and what happens to them out of their context; gender and its limits and ambiguities; issues of the double and of the multiple characters under a single skin; or yet the identity, status and image of Woman. Recent performances, exhibitions and screenings include the NUIT BLANCHE 2013 | 5th Edition of FRASQ and IRL Performances in Paris; the Mori+Stein Gallery and the Prince Charles Cinema in London; the Lower Polk Art Walk and many Art galleries in San Francisco, USA; the CAM - Casoria Contemporary Art Museum in Naples; the ATHENS Video Art Festival | International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media, Athens, Greece, and IMAF 2013 | 15th International Multimedial Art Festival, in Serbia. They currently live and work in Toulouse, France.


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