Analucia Roeder

Immersive and intimate, Analucía Roeder’s audiovisual metaverses invite you to contemplate and explore a random series of events, mixing colors and human bodies. Experience driven, her graduate studies on film, make her work climatic and engaging. From experimental documentary to 3D renders and VR experiences, generative art and VJing, Analucia explores moving image playfully, with a deep compromise on auto representation. For the past years she has worked with different festivals and institutions, her documentary Cocachauca, won as most innovative film on CINECIEN, Argentina. A restless and constantly expanding imagination, she premiered her first solo VR experience Inside A, in Sommerset House Studios a very personal experience exploring the narrative in the medium. She is part of Mutek’s Amplify cohort since 2019, Analucía is currently working on a research on immersive narratives. She is a film profesor in Lima, Perú.


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