Filaments of a Circle #3

Featuring visual artist Analucía Roeder (Peru) and, sound artist Sol Rezza (Argentina) Filaments of a Circle is an experimental storytelling that has as its central axis the idea of the Alice in Wonderland syndrome, a rather rare clinical condition characterized by brief episodes of distortion in the perception of body image and of the size, distance, shape or spatial relationships of objects, as well as in the passage of time. In these strange times we are going through, there is a distortion of reality, of the present time and a sense of incomprehension of our future. We find ourselves disoriented in a sea of possibilities, technology has completely changed our ways of perceiving the world around us. The multilingual storytelling is divided into different spatial stories where the idea of each piece is to describe an object or situation from this distortion of perception, the sensations produced by this perception.

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