• Author

    Franz Rosati

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    digital / generative

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    abstract, digital art

“Ruins” is a collection of three works based on studies about audio-reactive systems, interactive systems and live audio-visual concert. Ruins A/V is a Live audio-visual Work designed around Ruins a new sound work by Franz Rosati out on Nephogram Editions. What we define a “ruin”, and not a mere debris *, is not a collection of wasted parts of an original object, but something withstanding a transfiguration process over the time, in which only the strongest parts, the basis, endure and reconfigure themself. The visuals part depict structures generated by “modified” mathematical formulas creating an audioreactive system defined by a corrupted symmetry, rifts, incomplete paths, broken vanishing points that make you perceive there was a previous structure. Everything around “Ruins”, from the artwork to the interactive system used for the installation, is based on custom made software developed by the artist. * Marc Augè, “Le Temps En Ruines”, 2003.

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