Polite Conversations

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    Silvia-Adriana Vasilescu

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    motion graphics / experimental animation

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    text, memory, private, walking, conflict

Polite conversations follows the difference between passive behavior and politeness. The decision to manifest a complaint versus empathy. The way in which we adapt to situations we believe to be unjust, yet we never say anything about it in public space. A look at assertive behaviors in private spaces, one's home, one's mind, suppressed and muted in public spaces. The video highlights this conflict in 4 minutes, superimposing different moments, or perspectives, present space, memory, those around us, rational behavior, emotional behavior. The end goal of the project would be to place the idea of civic behavior, or democratic participation in relation to this confusion, or conflict of passive behavior versus politeness, at the same time bringing the subject of democratic participation to a micro level, better suited for debates.

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