Mirror #4

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    Maho Hikino

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    video / experimental video

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I present new possibilities of what a painting can be through the video installation series: "MIRROR" from 2007. I apply paint to the surface of a mirror and mix, I take it in the video. The movie is projected by hanging a light semitransparent fabric in the gallery space. Paints on the screen change the color and pattern just like a living thing according to minimal music. While painting a painter faces his/her works and feels momentary ecstasy, strain, distress…wave of emotion never overdue. A tense atmosphere can be felt everywhere in his/her canvas immediately. Also "MIRROR" reflects the act of the self-pursuit which is unconscious inside, and changes the color and form from moment to moment, moreover the old frame of art. "MIRROR" outcomes an eternal and frail beauty that paint itself has, and the flow of emotion of myself and the viewers. What do you find out in your "MIRROR"? I want to catch beauty that originally exists in the world, in the textures, the motions and memory. These things change and are lost. We hope to cherish forever all sensations, all emotions, all lovers, but they disappear without our noticing in no time at all. Since I was a child, the vague fear that everything might be lost was in my mind. I wanted everything in the world to preserve the status quo. I knew also that everything is changing and there are absolutely no permanent things.

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